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Welcome to March Madness at!

Tired of Bracketology? Ready for something completely different? If so, you have come to the right place.

The innovators at RoguePack strive to find new approaches to traditional pass times. We welcome you to join us in our flavor of March Madness.

How It Works

We give you a card which you will fill with 17 teams of your choosing. You must choose one team from each of the 16 seeds and one bonus team. Each time one of your teams win, you will receive points equal to your teams seed plus points equal to the round (i.e. rounds 1 thru 6). For example, if you choose North Carolina as your #1 seed, you will receive 2 points(1+1) if they win in round 1, 3 points(1+2) if they win in round 2. If you choose BillyBob University as your 6th seed, you will receive 7 points (6+1) if they win in round 1, etc....

You get one bonus (aka wild card) team. Your bonus team must be a team not in your 16 core team selection. Bonus teams score the same as other teams (seed + round).

Please note:Those wishing to host a league should login, then choose to be a host. Host can then invite their friends to login and then choose to participate in the appropriate hosted game.