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Start 'em, Sit 'em

Each week you fill your card by selecting four starters for each category. You are free to choose from the entire cast of NFL players. You are only restricted by your own analysis and instincts.

Scoring For QB's, RB's, WR's

For each touchdown passed, ran or caught 50 points is awarded. For each yard accumulated thru passing, rushing or receiving 1 point is awarded.

Scoring For Kickers

For each successful field goal 25 points is awarded. There are no points awarded for xp's.

Scoring For Defense/Special Teams

For each touchdown scored by a defensive or special teams unit, 50 points is awarded.

New for the 2009 season, defenses will be awarded for opponent points allowed as follows;

Please note: You must change your starting lineup each week according to the rules for the weekly deadline(s).